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Colour Mixing Software

'ColourMaster Software'  CMS100
A software package of near limitless colour design for Architects, Lighting Designers and Sign Makers – in fact for any application where lighting colour management is required.

'ColourMaster' Software is a colour sequence design package that allows seamless transportation of colour sequences from concept to downloading into 'LightMaster' controllers.

Compatible with Windows 98. ME, 2000 and XP. Only needs 100K disc space.

Unique user friendly and powerful interface allows quick and easy creation of even the most complex colour sequences

Simple effects such as fades and strobes to create stunning light shows.

Gives actual control of the lighting application in real time from the PC.  Will give an instant display of the selected colour through a controller to the output light source

Download and upload finished shows can be updated quickly and easily mnto 'LightMaster' controllers (LM300L, LM400D)

Full colour correction and white balance to compensate for LED manufacturing tolerances.

Has the facility of a simulator to preview sequences of built up letters/signs

Photographs of buildings, potential applications or architectural plans can be loaded in and be completely visually edited…what you see is what you get.

Up to 16.7 million individual colours can be programmed to change randomly or at specific times

Built in predefined named colour database for quick and easy selection of common colours

Simple click and select operation direct from the 'ColourMaster' Software– Drag and Drop.

 ColourMaster Software
 Architectural LED technology

  Led 'ColourMaster'

 LM300L LED Controller

  Internal LED Strips

 LED Option Packs.
 LM300-HP. High Power
    LED Controller.
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