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SELECT LightMaster entry level LED Lighting


Technical Information:

LM300L RGB LED Programmable lighting Controller/Driver
One fully programmable integrated unit that will control & drive up to 5 metres of RGB LED linear strips (150 individual RGB LEDís)

LM300L can be linked together to allow multiple synchronised effects LM300L is fully compatible with our other range of lighting control systems. (LM400D, LM8000D etc)

Colour sequences designed using powerful Windows based software. ColourMaster windows software.
LM300L can be controlled from a PC or another LightMaster controller.

We can supply all necessary junction boxes and interconnecting cables, for either internal or external installations.  External equipment is fully IP65 rated. (JB11, CA5, CA10, etc)

24V DC Input, Supplied with external PSU, which is 100-265 AC
3 Output Channels of 24V at 1 Amp (24Watts) per channel giving 5 metres of linear RGB LED strips (150 LEDís) (LS333, LS166, LS67)
Advanced microprocessor control
High frequency 8 bit PWM
16.7 Million available colours
RGB Colour mixing
RGB LED built into controller allowing preview of connected light emitters
RS485, DMX or RS232
3 Buttons, allow selection of patterns and speeds
ABS black plastic case
Over current protection on each channel
IP65 Connectors for fully water proof outdoor installations

 Architectural LED technology
 LightMaster LED Colour Changing

 LM300L Programable
    RGB LED Controler.

this is a image
 LS333I RGB and single
    colour LED strips.
 RGB LED colour
    changing sign.
 LED EasyConnect
 Smooth dimming
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