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SELECTLightMaster MID Range Controller

Dimming and Flashing models:
LM100D, LM200D, LM300D, LM400D

Technical Information:

250V AC Input
1, 2, 3, or 4 Channel 240V AC dimming and flashing controllers
5 Amps per channel

RS485 or DMX and RS232 communication interfaces
Advanced microprocessor control
8 bit dimming resolution resulting in 255 discrete steps

Stand alone controller, which includes fully programmable integrated sequencer.
Alphanumeric LCD Interface
Blue LEDís showing the output status of each of the channels

IP67 Case
Fully compatible with our other range of lighting control systems. (LM300L, LM8000D etc)
Patterns can be designed and downloaded to the controller from user-friendly Windows based software

Maximum 64MB of solid state flash memory for pattern storage

Can be networked to allow synchronisation of controller patterns

RS485 or DMX and RS232 communication interfaces
Each output channel individually fused.

  Dimming Neon

    LM300D LM400D

 Dim and Flash Neon.

 RGB LED colour
    changing sign.
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 High end dimming and
    flashing controllers
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