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June. Purchased and moved into new factory unit on the Loddon Industrial Estate, Norfolk.

August - Brian Noakes joins the company to further develop Marketing & Sales.

Design and developed a completely innovative High Intensity Discharge Lamp universal ballast. The  unit runs and controls any type of discharge lamp 35-100W plus LED arrays. One ballast fits all. Select Software designed and developed not only the power supply but the RF links and internet software for total remote lighting management.

Working with Green Energy companies to design and build a range of heating controls, pump management modules and solar array control systems.

Received £100,000 Private equity funding injection.

Spin out new range of Lighting products into Select Innovations Limited.

Received £40,000 Proof of Concept Grant from East Anglian Development Agency.

Further £45,000 received form the ERA Foundation.

Designed and developed a range of new low and high power discharge lamp products. The very innovative design to increased lamp life and reduced power consumption.

£25,000 grant funding given by the ERA Foundation.

Moved to Loddon Industrial Estate.

Extended the range of lighting controllers to include RF data link and windows software.

Entered European Venture Contest. – Brussels.  Over 500 European technology companies entered.  Short listed as one of the top15 companies.

Installed pick & place production facilities.

Purchased 4000 sq ft factory on the Airport Estate Norwich.

Complete range of new state of the art LED range of lighting products and Lighting controllers successfully launched at the Sign UK Show at the NEC Birmingham April 2005.

Select Software Limited commissioned to develop and build specialised LED Contour Lighting System for Brillianz Limited.

Microchip Inc.  Microchip Inc. renews Select Software’s UK Advisory Consultancy – Gold Status.

Select Software Limited develops a new state of the art LED range of lighting products and controllers.  Existing products are re-engineered with new software and upgraded electronics.
Development and Manufacturing Licence signed for a High Intensity Discharge Ballast for street lighting.  (Licensees repudiated the licence agreement due to forced management change in 2005) £175,000 development fee payment received.  The engineering and prototyping is completed for field-testing.

Microchip Inc.  Microchip Inc. Select Software’s UK Advisory Consultancy – Renews from Bronze to Gold Status.

Select Innovations Limited incorporated.
Select Innovations Limited formed as a subsidiary of EnLight Technologies Limited for the sale of licences for the patented technology.

First Development and Manufacturing licence is signed for the development of a High Intensity Discharge Ballast for Street Lighting.  (Licensee ceases trading in 2002) £50,000 development fee payments received.
Microchip Inc - Microchip Inc. officially approves Select Software as a UK Advisory Consultancy – Gold Status.

EnLight Technologies Limited exhibits at Total Lighting – the main bi-annual International Lighting Show at the NEC Birmingham UK.

The EnLight High Frequency Electronic Digital Dimmable Universal Ballast Technology wins the top International Total Lighting Show Award.  Presentation of the award conducted at the Birmingham Hilton Gala Awards Evening.

Microchip Inc.  Microchip Inc. renews Select Software’s UK Advisory Consultancy – Bronze Status.

EnLight Technologies Limited incorporated to hold investors funds. £70,000 investment received for the development of the ballast technology.

Microchip Inc - Microchip Inc. officially approves Select Software as a UK Advisory Consultancy – Bronze Status.

Development and Manufacturing Agreement signed with Cardale Garage Doors Limited.  For the design and manufacture of the Autoglide Remote Control Automated Garage Door System. (To date 25,000 units sold and installed throughout the UK).

Winners International Invention of the Year.

Winners International Environmental Invention of the Year: for the High Frequency Electronic Dimmable Universal Fluorescent Ballast.
Winners Eastern Daily Press Business Award.

Patents applied for High Frequency Digital Dimmable Electronic Fluorescent Ballast Technology. (Patents now ‘Granted’ in UK, USA, Indonesia, China, Russia, Australia, Japan, Germany, Canada, Ireland and France.)

Commissioned to design the electronic portion of ‘Autoglide’ an automated garage door opener for Cardale Doors Limited at Brackley Northamptonshire.
Commenced the production of the electronic portion for Autoglide November 1997.

Still in production – over 25,000 units sold to date.

Select Software Limited commissioned to run the UK office of IPT Inc. at Newmarket, Suffolk.

Fluorescent Ballast Technology is conceived and developed to a working prototype.

Select Software Limited incorporated.

Sole UK distributors, under licence, to IPT inc. California - selling, installing and supporting high-level UNIX image management software to the Newspaper and Printing Industries.

'LightMaster' range of lighting controllers launched.
Major lighting installations completed in the Advertising, Amusement and Media Industries.

Designed and built electronic 8-lane timing equipment for swimming pools.

Entered Media, Advertising, Architectural, Leisure and  Signage markets with 'LightMaster' range of controllers for animated lighting displays.

Designed and built Electronic Automotive LED Dash Board for replica Lamborghini Sports Car. Exhibited at the 1987 Motor Show at Earls Court.

DJA Electronics formed by David Aarons Electronic Design, Software Design, built and marketed Electronic Arena Timing Equipment with Infra Red Gates for Show Jumping & Horse Trials.


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