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Imagine a product development service that gives you a fully integrated group of specialists who work together like clockwork, give unbiased advice and cost effective solutions.  A single contact that can talk design, electronic development and software applications through to finished prototypes and production - all in house.

This is a reality with Select Software.

Our team has a vast wealth of in house design knowledge which covers software, electronics and mechanical development which you can use in any format to suit your needs and budget.  Whatever the type of project or system you would like us to design, our range of skills will ensure everything will flow and move together.

By using Select Software you are giving yourself or your company the benefit of a strong product development team who are all specialists in their field.  Needless to say we look at each project differently and apply our specialist knowledge to your individual requirements. 

We provide the solutions you make the choices.

Established in 1993 Select Software Limited brings a unique understanding of a wide range of software and hardware product development.  This ability combined with a high level of innovative ability gives our team its strategic strength. 

Product development skills include Software Development for Embedded microcontrollers such as Atmel AVR, ARM, Microchip and many others. All these applications are written in 'C'.  High-level software development is written in C++ for Windows, Linux and Solaris. 

We have in house specialist design knowledge of microelectronics, power supplies, power converters, feedback, control systems and RF telemetry.

Communications include RS232, RS485, USB, canbus, Ethernet, RF, and optical network systems. 

Printed circuit board design service can support single layer and Multi layer designs. All surface mount and leaded components are supported together with custom parts as required.

Mechanical design service can design all kinds of different componet parts from clips to enclosures. These can be made from a range of materials including injection moulded plastics, die cast zinc alloy and aluminium extrusions, all designed to allow a custom feel to any product. All these service items are designed using up to the minute 3D CAD software and can be proved for fit and function electronically via Email or conventionally in a meeting. This speeds up the design phase and allows the customer's product to be updated simply and easily.  

With our innovative approach we are able to develop new products or  update existing products, advise customers with their own designs and work from concept right through to finished manufactured design. We can also produce custom enclosures 
mechanical and drilled and provide screen-printed and painted panels.

With regard to electronic manufacturing, in house production facilities for surface mount as well as leaded components enables the development period for prototyping to be drastically reduced.

We supply the complete solution in one place. Whether you just have an idea or a product that needs updating, we can design, build and run production in small or large quantities in volumes from one unit to many thousands.

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